Visitors are required to report to the main office and leave staff with a valid government photo identification and state the nature of their visit to the Prince William County Schools (PWCS) facility.

PWCS has implemented a Visitor Identification System (VIS) to identify registered sex offenders. This system also allows PWCS to monitor visitors that are on school grounds in the event of an emergency and for security purposes.

The VIS cross-references information against states’ sex offender registries. All visitors at a PWCS facility shall provide a valid government-issued identification which contains their full name, date of birth, and photograph.


Below are acceptable forms of identification:

1. U.S. or foreign driver’s license;

2. U.S. or foreign government identification;

3. Military identification;

4. Department of Motor Vehicles’ photo identification;

5. Passport;

6. Permanent Resident Card (Green Card);

7. Re-entry permit; or

8. Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP) identification.


A visitor’s identification badge shall be worn in a manner that makes the badge readily visible to students and staff in the PWCS facility.

Upon the conclusion of the visit in the PWCS facility, the visitor shall return to the office, turn in the visitor’s identification badge, and collect their photo identification before exiting the PWCS facility.