ARISS Space Contact Experiment
Since we’ve been at home, an organization called ARISS wanted to find a way for students to still be able to learn cool things and be able to talk with astronauts even though we couldn’t all be together in one place to share the event. Miles and Henry Girvin, Catherine Sparlin, James Davis, Jayda Ramirez, Christin Steiner, and Chase and Bailey Hudson volunteered their time over the past 3 weeks to practice and participate in ARISS’s experiment which will now be used to help other students worldwide communicate with astronauts directly from their homes.

If you are interested, view the experiment here.

Although we were disappointed that we all didn’t all get to ask questions, our students did get to listen to Astronaut Chris’s Cassidy on the International Space Station as he passed over our heads 250 miles above us.

Our students were very brave as they spoke with other adult organizers over the past few weeks and they showed the world what amazing students we have at Antietam. You make us all proud!