Fourth and Fifth Graders Return to In-Person Learning
Posted on 02/23/2021

We are excited for our students scheduled to return for Hybrid learning on February 25 (House A- Tues./Thurs.) and February 26 (House B-Wed./Fri). We are just finalizing some teacher changes due to changes on the last survey. To determine your days of attendance:

  • Log-in to ParentVue
  • Go to Class Schedule
  • Look for the line with “homeroom”
  • The letters at the end indicate what days your child will attend in person, either TH (Tues/Thurs), WF (Wed/Fri), or TF (Tues-Fri)

Reminders all students must have of daily self-health screening at home:

  • Please do not send your sick child to school. Health procedures at school for sick students: Student exhibiting symptoms at school will be isolated and sent home;
  • Face covering requirement: Regulation: 275-2 o Face coverings will be required for all staff and students
  • Maintain six feet of physical distancing whenever possible to include:
    • When entering the school or office building
    • In hallways between classes
    • In common areas
    • In classrooms
    • In the cafeteria

Breakfast and Lunch procedures: Lunches will be a combination of in classrooms for Kindergarten and Self-Contained Classrooms, and in the lunchroom for the remaining grades, with social distancing protocols in place for all. There will be no lunch with your student(s) at this time. This is subject to change based on guidance from the division and state.

Arrival and dismissal procedures (Subject to change):

  • Students who ride buses: Will remain on the bus until released by driver to go straight to class. Assistance will be provided for kindergarten by teachers and assistants.
    • Dismissal: Buses will be dismissed by bus number and in the order buses arrive. An adult will escort younger students directly to the bus.
  • Walkers: Walkers and parents/guardians will find an identified social distancing marker at door# 1. Students will enter the building with guidance from a staff person to help maintain social distancing. Parents will not be able to enter the building at this time.
    • Dismissal: Students walking will exit the building from the main entrance Door 1, for grades Kdg, 1, and 4; or Door 17 at the small playground near the bus loop for grades 2,3, and 5. If you are picking students up from door 17, please the sidewalk from Antietam road. We will need to keep the sidewalk along the school open for buses.

Car Riders: Students utilizing Kiss and Ride will complete this 365 Form

  • . They will be dropped off at the front of the school like years past. They will wait at a designated door for their grade level on an identified social distancing marker. Students will enter the building with guidance from a staff person to help maintain social distancing.
    • Dismissal: Registered cars will be given a number to identify them. This number will be used at dismissal to dismiss students. No number equals no student. You will have to park your car and come to the building to collect your child.

Reporting an absence: Please email teacher and/or call the school.

Process for using the restroom: For students with restrooms in the classroom, they will use the classroom bathroom. Hallway restrooms will be available as needed. Social distancing measures are taken to mitigate exposure in hallway bathrooms. They will be disinfected on a schedule or upon request.

Late arrivals: Students should come to the office. They will be escorted to their classroom by an adult.

Visitors: If at all possible, visitors to the school should make an appointment. Depending on the number of people in the office you may be asked to remain outside or in your car until you can be helped.

Water Fountains: Currently, they are closed to staff and students. We encourage sending a water bottle with your child with their name clearly on it. We have a bottle filling station as well, but only one in the new wing and one in the lobby.


Marcia Wieduwilt, Principal Antietam Elementary