Dear Second Grade Families:

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a great spring break!  We have missed talking to you and your kids.  For this week we have set up a calendar you can access through our classroom webpage.  This calendar has activities that can be completed each day to help enrich your child.  Any activities that are completed can be turned in through Seesaw.  Just take a picture and upload your activity to your Seesaw account.  If you aren’t connected to Seesaw, you can take a picture of your assignment and send through email.  We will provide your child with feedback on their assignment.  As per county regulations, all activities are optional and will not be graded.  The activities that require a worksheet can either be printed or you can copy to a piece of paper. 

Starting April 20th, each day of the week will be assigned to a subject.  We will release daily lessons at a certain time each day. At that time, we may post a video lesson, assignment or project for students to work on in a self-paced manner.  We will then be available to help during our office hours.  We will let you know when those are as soon as we know our schedule.  You can use the office hour time to ask questions, ask for clarification, or need a review on the objective assigned.  We will continue to use previously established methods of communication with students to post instructional activities and communicate with students during office hours. This will be Seesaw, email, or other approved tools.

As a reminder, the third grading period will be ending on April 24th.  Please check ParentVUE to check in with how your child is doing in each of their subject areas.  Let us know if you have any questions. 

As we venture into this new world of virtual learning, please remember to be patient with your child and with us, as we are all trying to learn to navigate something new.  We will update you with information as we get it.  Thinking of you all daily.  Stay safe and healthy!


The Second Grade Team

(see image below on where to access assignments from the Antietam home page - after you get to home page, click on class pages, then second grade.  Find the button that Says Second Grade Teams page!  This is where all assignments are located!