Take the 2020 PE Survey-

Get at least 60 Minutes of Activity Each Day!

Antietam Mustangs- We finished out our last virtual class for this school year today!   
We will leave all activities up for the summer, feel free to visit our webpage to review or complete any of the activities again.   If you have not already done so, please take our survey at the top of this page.   The results of the survey will help us plan for next year. 

We hope you have a safe, healthy, fun summer!  Remember to stay active!

Your PE Team!

Mrs. Price - pricevl@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Khodjibaev - khodjinm@pwcs.edu

Web Site Guide:
- Useful Links: Fitness Test cadences
- Files and Documents: ideas on how to stay active while at home including links for videos, activity sites, and activity calendar, as well as resources used in virtual lessons
- Calendar: posting a weekly challenge and updates on what we are doing virtually

Click link for Home Learning Resources from PWCS: http://www.pwcs.edu/academics___programs/home_learning