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October – March/April: 

Read at least 4 Virginia Reader’s Choice books (located under the Pac Man bulletin board) and you get to choose a treat from Mrs. Wyatt’s jar of fun stuff and get to vote in April for your favorite. 

Read 8 or more and you get the treat, to vote for your favorite book in April, AND a pizza party during the last week of school in the library.

You can check the books out from the Antietam ES library, the public library, or even purchase the books if you’d like.  They do not need to be just from our library.

Put books on hold now if you want to participate.  We have 10 copies of each and people tend to start working on them all at the same time.

Once you have read a book you need to come tell Mrs. Wyatt or Mrs. Naron about the book before you can put your name up on the bulletin board.  You don’t have to tell us EVERY detail.  Just main points.  We may ask a question or two, nothing major.