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 May 11, 2020

Sight words for this week: her, new

Please review sight words nightly with your child and practice name writing.

 Give your child opportunities to write about what they are thinking and feeling.  

   Gentle Reminders for Parents: 

  • Please help your child tie their shoes, it is challenging to tie 26 pairs of shoes throughout the day. Thank you for your support regarding this matter.
  • Please practice handwriting and pencil grip nightly with your child. This is important as we add sight words and write sentences.

How can you help your child at home?

  • Allow your child to count to 75 throughout the day. You want him/her to be able to do this independently. Remember when you have to fill in numbers for your child, it indicates he/she is not yet counting independently.
  • Have your child practice writing numbers 0-20. Do this often.
  • Read with your child every night. By doing so, you are…helping your child’s brain to make connections, exposing your child to new vocabulary, familiarizing your child with sentence structure, inspiring a desire to learn & helping your child to realize that reading will play a significant role throughout life.
  • Encourage your child to use complete sentences when speaking. Expect him/her to communicate clearly!
  • Students will receive sight words. Go over sight words daily. This week they are: her and new. The words we have already introduced and taught are: I, see, a, red, the, is, has, me, am, with, blue, yes, no, yellow, look, can, green, at, my, pink, up, we, purple, said, and, have, in, like, orange, black, it, for, white, had, saw, brown, he, got, this, gray, his, on, are, did, do, play, came, here, him, will, get, of, she, you, was, all, there, where, they, went, what, that, down, then, want, how, you, out, were, over, her, new


Please make reading a priority! 

It will enhance your child’s educational journey!