Hello fourth grade students and families!

With the prolonged closure of school, I will be available to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have. Please continue to check my Files and Documents tab, the Useful Links tab, Google Classroom, and Seesaw for updates and new activities. If you need assistance accessing these activities, please message me on Seesaw or email me at vuillejm@pwcs.edu. We are in this together!

April 16, 2020

We hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and healthy!  As expressed repeatedly, that is what is most important.  We are writing again to provide you with our most recent update.  We thank all the children and adults for their patience as we work on a learning plan that will work best for everyone involved.

By following the suggested PWCS plan for elementary school, we will be providing 60 minutes of instructional time for each subject area each week 11am-12pm.  This will begin Monday, April 20th using the following schedule:

Mondays Language Arts with Mrs. Lasica and Mrs. O’Brien

Tuesdays Math with Mrs. Blum

Wednesdays Science with Ms. Vuillemot

Thursdays Virginia Studies with Ms. Glaze

Although certain teachers are teaching each day, all of us will be available for help and support. 

Mrs. Schelling, Mrs. Malmgren, Mrs. Glotfelty, Mrs. Blake will be available to assist students during Language Art, Math, and/or Virginia Studies.

Zoom or Teams Links will be sent out if students would like to participate in LIVE lessons.  Lessons will be recorded and posted in Google Classroom, Seesaw, and on the Antietam 4th Grade Home Learning Page.  Please remember that activities are optional and will not be graded. We will not be introducing new material, but instead reviewing previously learned skills and content.  Feedback and help will be provided, however. 

All teachers will be available for official office hours every Friday 11am-12pm.

Students can meet with us live via link.  Emails, Seesaw messages, and Google Classroom messages are always welcome. 

Please be on the lookout for additional live online activities provided by support teachers. Individual teachers will send out that information as we receive it.  Additionally, ESOL students can find additional practice and resources under the “ESOL Resources” on the grade level webpage.

We thank you again for your continued support, patience, and understanding!

The 4th Grade Team

Mrs. Blum, Ms. Glaze, Mrs. Lasica, Mrs. O’Brien, Ms. Vuillemot, Mrs. Schelling, Mrs. Malmgren, Mrs. Glotfelty, Mrs. Blake

Math:  Decimals
Language Arts:  Cause and Effect, Subject-Verb Agreement, Double Negatives, Opinion Writing
Virginia Studies:  Virginia in the 20th and 21st Century
Science:  Virginia Natural Resources
IB Planner #4
Theme:  How We Organize Ourselves
Central Idea:  Rebirth and growth will occur in cycles, in society and nature.
Lines of Inquiry:  
      An inquiry into the reasons for war.
      An inquiry into the life cycle of plants.
      An inquiry into how countries recover after wars.
Learner Profile Attributes: 
Key Concepts:
     Perspective- What are the points of view?
Approaches to Learning:
     Thinking Skills- Critical Thinking, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Forming Decisions
     Creatine Thinking- Generating novel ideas and considering new perspectives

Our Schedule:
8:00 Greeting
8:00-8:10 Morning Work
8:10-9:40 Window of Inquiry (Math)
9:40-9:50 Recess
9:50-10:00 Snack
10:00-10:45 Specials
10:50-12:05 Window of Inquiry (VA Studies & Science)
12:05-12:35 Lunch
12:50-1:10 Recess
1:10-2:20 Window of Inquiry (Language Arts)
2:20-2:40 Silent Reading